06 April 2007

New Focus and Name of this Blog - Is Business good or bad?

As you might have realized, the focus of this blog has shifted significantly in the last few weeks. This is also the reason for its new name "Business4Good". Why the change? What started as my personal blog focussed on my travels around the globe, is now about how business can do good. This shift reflects the change in my life from traveling and searching for a meaning in life towards the mission in the next phase of my life. I am now at the start of this new phase: leveraging my seven years of business experience for the social good, especially to alleviate poverty of people in developing countries.

Why am I doing this? I felt that working 'only' for my money was not fulfilling me (anymore). I was looking for something to give my life a meaning, a mission. I had the dream of doing something good, of 'making a difference'. It took me over a year including volunteering in the Microfinance NGO FINCA Peru, learning in the Development Masters at UNSW working with like-minded people such as Elise, Mike and Tomas to get the confidence to really get out of the corporate rat-race and security-addicted mindset.

Is business good or bad? My opinion is that business can do good (or bad), just as humans and actually humans and businesses do both. Although I agree that exploitative behavior of corporations requires "blame & shame" responses I believe the power lies in cooperation (rather conflict), synergies and enlightenment. I feel it is important to focus on the positive potential and to nurture this because we attract what we envision.

We see already an increasing interest in concepts that try to do this: Social Entrepreneurs, Responsible Corporations and the UN Global Compact combine business approaches from the for-profit sector with social mission from the non-for profit world! This can be a force for positive change, employment and wealth creation. The mission of this blog is to foster these hybrid concepts and to inspire readers.

I hope you enjoy this new concept? I would appreciate your feedback very much, so leave a comment please!

Go for your dreams... best!

PS: I continue to share my personal endeavors in the form of photos here on Flickr.