11 June 2009

The Necessary Revolution - Climate Change boils our HOME

"20% of the world population consumes
80% of the world resources."
Business as humans are part of wider systems, we all share the same home, one planet. Unfortunately, the way we do business, the way of our cherished materialistic development has been seriously bringing these systems out of balance.
"We spend 12 times more on military than on aid to developing countries"
Personally, I have struggled the last 10 years to bring the puzzle pieces of my life experiences together to see the bigger picture. And the picture is ugly. Despite being an optimist: 'we f*cked up'. Sorry for my language but our limited consciousness of the timeless universal truth - everything is linked is everything - has separated us from nature. This led to our "extract, make, waste" approach.
"We only have 10 years to revert the greenhouse gases trend"
Climate Change is real, it's right in our face... and we can do something about it. Recently, a book and a movie have helped me to see the bigger picture clearer and today I want to share them with you:

1. HOME - In my view the best documentary movie since Inconvenient Truth and Baraka... amazing footage (watch in high quality) I am still holding my breath, it even features Mali.

2. The necessary Revolution - A timely book by management guru Peter Senge, Bryan Smith et al. It gives inspiring examples on how individuals and organizations are working together to create a sustainable world.

'Systems thinking' illustrations paint a clear picture on how we need to change our 'exploit, make, wast' consumerism. A great follow through after you regain your breath from the HOME movie.
"We all have the power to change.
So what are we waiting for?"