06 April 2009

Natural Entrepreneurs: Following the flow to find the career of your dreams?

Does business need to be profit-greedy and your work hard? Of course not. Instead, your career is part of your life and we are no victims but creators of our own circumstances along the path we decided to walk.

"This economic crisis may be just the push you need to find the career of your dreams." is the subtitle of an interesting article in Ode Magazine. Author Dave Pollard contrasts the "natural entrepreneur" to the hard-working factory or office laborer. I myself did feel like an assembly-line worker in a factory with the only difference that I was chasing my email inbox.

So it it very refreshing to see Pollard's six points on how Natural Entreprenerus are different:
  1. "They had found their sweet spot, the work where their gifts, their passions and their purpose intersected.
  2. They had found the right business partners, people who shared their purpose and whose gifts and passions complemented their own.
  3. They did world-class research to identify real needs that weren’t being met by any other enterprise in the marketplace.
  4. They used a rigorous, continuous process to invent and commercialize products and services that met those unmet needs.
  5. Instead of planning for the future, they had learned how to improvise, to adapt easily to changes in the economy and demographics.
  6. They acted with integrity, operating in a way that resonated with their values, and made principled decisions, not opportunistic ones, in the long-term interest of their partners, employees, customers and communities."

Read the full article here, including the reference to his book.
Which side are you on?