04 April 2011

Online Teleseminar Series on Conscious Business: "Waking up the Workplace"

If you have enjoyed my earlier post on Conscious Business, or wonder how business can be a force for positive global transformation, then this free online teleseminar series might be for you. The "Waking up the Workplace" seminars kicked off recently and still goes until 23 June 2011. From their website:

What would happen if we saw the business of work, not just as a means for trade and profit, but as a vehicle for actualizing our deeper human potentials in a conscious and creative transformation?

Join the conversation and explore answers to the following questions:
  • How can we design the workplace as a vehicle for transformation?
  • How can business include our human passions and purpose and yet retain its practical productivity?
  • What are the most powerful and cutting edge tools available to transform business?
  • What kind of workplace do we need to truly address the problems of the 21st century?
Participation is completely FREE.  All you need is a telephone or internet connection to be able to:
  • Contribute to the global conversation with world leading experts
  • Learn powerful conscious business tools to bring to your own work
  • Participate in a community of international conscious business practitioners
  • Help transform the way the world does business!
Join the conversation and find out how you can make business a force for global transformation! Register for free at www.wakinguptheworkplace.com