22 March 2007

Skoll Makes Awards to 10 Leading Social Entrepreneurs

The well-known Skoll Foundation made its awards to 10 leading Social Entrepreneurs. Each will receive a three-year grant of $1,015,000 to target a social issue in need of urgent attention.

"This year's awardees ... all reflect the essence of a Skoll social entrepreneur: a practical innovator who creates sustainable engines at the grassroots level, putting into place the lasting means to get housing, education, health care and other critical resources to the world's impoverished and vulnerable billions. They offer a model for a new kind of leader who melds the discipline of business with the perspective of those less fortunate, and brings a tough-minded optimism to bear on the biggest challenges confronting our communities, our countries and the planet."

Most of them are very inspiring stories, read for yourself: Recipients of 2007 Skoll Awards