04 February 2007

Social Entrepreneurship

Since I heard Yunus' Nobel lecture proclaiming "social businesses" and an information session of Acumen Fund social entrepreneurship won back my attention.

What's a social entrepreneurship?
"The art of simultaneously pursuing both a financial and a social return on investment (the double bottom line)."
The Institute for Social Entrepreneur

Here a nice example: "In Africa, where children die of diarrhea from bad sanitation, Isaac Durojaiye runs a franchise system for public toilets. He supplies mobile toilets to slum areas, where unemployed young people charge a small fee for their use. The operators keep 60 percent of the income and pass the rest back to Mr. Durojaiye’s company, Dignified Mobile Toilets, which uses the money to buy new toilets." Read the full New York Times article.

I would like to learn more about the crossroads between Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Entrepreneurship because both want to have a positive social impact including poverty alleviation. Any thoughts?